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Kansas Wedding Photography Serving Topeka, Manhattan and Surrounding Areas

Blending Classic With Contemporary Styles to Create Timeless Images

Who I am

My name is Teresa. I am an artist and a photographer. I can promise my clients that my artistic eye is always in focus and spontaneous, with attention to details, assuring optimum results. Having studied the art of digital processing extensively, I specialize in photo editing, giving a final tweak and artistic touch to every image. I am particularly fond of creating a work of art with bridal portraits, applying the skills achieved through formal training in portraiture. With extensive experience in the traditional darkroom, the digital darkroom is second nature to me. The concepts and goals are the same but the tools are different. I definitely appreciate the great advantage that my darkroom experience brings to my digital process.

What I Do

I like to express creativity in everything I do. Making a portrait a work of art is my goal. With over 10 years experience as a wedding and portrait photographer I like to combine classic with contemporary styles to create timeless images. Blending the key elements that capture the moment most accurately brings to life the mood, emotion and action of the day, to be enjoyed for generations. The proper use of lighting and a flattering perspective, while capturing the perfect expression, takes an image to the next level. Subtle and artistic editing adds a finishing touch that I take pride in delivering.

Why I Do It

The greatest reward from my perspective is the amazement people express when seeing their images for the first time. With every shutter release I envision something more than what I see in the viewfinder. Exceeding expectations is what it’s all about.

Customized Wedding Options

Understanding that everyone’s needs and means are different, I like to customize wedding options with a range that will serve from the simplest to the most elaborate event. Whether I work alone, with an assistant or with a photography partner and whether you want some basic coverage or a full day of coverage… I’ve got you covered! Contact me for a free consultation!


Larry and I have been working together since 2007 after shooting weddings independently for years. Recognizing one another’s strengths, we both knew we’d become a dynamic wedding team together. Combining our creativity and professionalism, along with our shared passion for weddings, creates a win/win for ourselves and our clients. Whenever it fits the budget, we, as a team, are always the best choice! 

Larry is truly a professional photographer! Larry’s formal training is ongoing with Master Photographers, covering all aspects of the art of photography, including but not limited to portrait and wedding photography. With his humor, wit and energy, Larry brings a relaxed and cheerful spirit to every situation.

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